Missing Picasso in the House of the Former First Lady of the Philippines

missing plate from Pablo Picasso in a family home Imelda Marcos, Former First Lady of the Philippines Today the mother of newly elected President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., also known as Pong Pong. the drawing, “Woman lying down IV” Appeared in the Marcos Victory Celebrations movie: According to Andy Bautista, the former head of the team responsible for finding the treasures of the dictator Marcos (Bong Pong’s father and Imelda’s husband), this is the original.This painting is approx 146 million euros. We don’t know the quality of this painting, but Picasso is a master of painting and this is a very valuable piece. I hope we can look into the matter with the attorney general’s office.”a statement.

The Marcus and Picasso family

Actually I Marcus They actually owned the painting once, as also shown in a documentary. But when PCGG, the government agency created specifically to recover billions from looted families, raided various properties, the painting was never found. Then Imelda, her husband and children spent decades In exile in Hawaii After the revolution overthrew the regime and forced them to flee the Philippines. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was recently elected the country’s new president and pledged that he would be the leader of all Filipinos: “Judge me for my actions not by my ancestors.”

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