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‘missed a deadline’

from United kingdom In the Sicily, he moves into a house that costs him the symbolic amount of 1 euro. But after three years he had to resell it for not meeting the deadline. Danny McCubbin58, go to Mussomeli in SicilyBy taking part in the “Houses for one euro” campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging foreigners to move in Italy. On the other hand, in the signed contract, he had the burden of renovating the house within 3 years. But, having failed to keep the agreement, he was forced to return the house.

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What did he say

Despite being “kicked out” of the house he’s lived in for the past three years, Danny McCubbin decides to stay and live in Mussomeli. “It was part of my dream to move to a place where the cost of living wasn’t so high,” she quotes in the mirror. “I couldn’t have done that in London,” he added.

He bought another house very cheaply, spent 6,000 euros and another 5,000 to renovate. A kitchen was opened to help families in difficulty. “I moved in December 2020 because I no longer wanted to stay in the UK post-Brexit,” explained Danny, now an acquired “Sicilian”. «I always wanted to live in Sicily, my parents loved the countryside. So I asked myself what was missing from Mussomeli and came up with the idea for La Buona Cucina.”

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