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The US impresses and downsizes the Brits.

– The one on stage at Al Bayt Stadium Generational conflict. It is not about the age of the players on the field, but about the different football traditions rooted in the two countries. On the one hand, in fact, there are those who invented football and raised it to the most famous sport in the world, English. On the other hand, there is a country which seems to have known the game only a short time ago, and which is slowly, step by step, developing it as a form of pure entertainment, in stark contrast to historical English romanticism. It’s a challenge between two perfectly perpendicular moves, which completely collide, and end in a draw;

– The most dangerous in the field is undoubtedly Christian Pulisic. American, but under Chelseain Premier League. In the Blues It’s clear he’s in trouble and today’s game against England presents an opportunity to get his revenge. He takes the field more stimulating than others; He carries the team on his shoulders and engages the American crowd at every good opportunity. The match brings with it a strong competitive element and although the score remained in the dark until the end, we certainly didn’t get bored. The first quarter of an hour is fit for the British, then the US, passing through continuous ping-pong as singles clashes grab our attention, until we once again reach US dominance. It’s not one of those roller coasters that you go out on upside down. It’s a quieter ride, but still fun;

– men Southgate They worked hard. In front of them they found a compact team that defends with all eleven behind the line of the ball, and then resumes the transition at lightning speed. The did not shine Frontline commander Harry Kane, which the coach did not abandon despite his physical malaise. The England midfield was completely overwhelmed by the treble Moses Adams McKinney And the defenders were unable to give the necessary impetus. One of Southgate’s few happy notes is the daring performance of Bukayo Saka Central defenders, especially Maguire, who erected a wall in front of Pickford. If we think about the performance we saw in the debut v.sIranI three lions They definitely did not live up to our expectations. A little sizing can do you good;

– But now let’s talk Tyler Adams. The 99-born midfielder stole the whole show from his teammates with a try TitanicAlthough a modest meter seventy-five. leader United State He was always there, from start to finish, in attack and defense, in recovery and preparation. a test “into english“Midfielder”into english“, who actually plays in England, Al Leeds. But he wasn’t alone. Team Berhalter He played fearlessly, taking advantage of his talented players and his unwavering position underdog, which allows you to focus only on the game plan, without thinking about anything else. So here if we are there is a disappointment. Timothy Weahin focus on the beautiful goal against Wells Evidently because of the nickname he bore, Today was somewhat shy and unable to dig in. Nice try, though annoyed, with regards, too Weston McKinneywhich he achieved Alex Sandro About the series “I black and white sent into the world”;

– In Group B, all teams are drawn into just three points. toEngland derby vs Wells, which is in the situation in which he must necessarily win in order to hope for the passage of the turn. On the other hand the challenge will be played between Iran And the United StateThree points in a row. A challenge that brings with it more than a few political pasts. On the other hand, the world championship is as follows, Competition in which nationalism dominates. And there is always politicshidden from the actions of the heroes, but still present, in the background.

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