Minneapolis, police kill another 20-year-old African American: fresh clashes at night. The mayor imposes a curfew

Minter A. Minneapolis The process is done a Derek Chauvin, The agent accused of death George FloydTensions between the African American community and the police are returning to town. In the early afternoon Down Wright, A 20-year-old black, was shot dead by local policemen A. Brooklyn Center, A suburb of the city. When the news broke it exploded New protests From the local African American community against the police, with street clashes and teams entering riot control equipment.

According to the police reconstruction, an officer stopped a car for Violations of the Highway Code They realize it contains a file Pending arrest warrant. At that point, they said, the driver wanted to get back in the car, while the policeman tried to arrest him. Thus, one of the officers present opened fire, he writes guardian. The victim’s mother Katie, She said, her son called her while in detention to ask for insurance details and heard a rustle before the call was cut off.

A killing operation resulted in hundreds of protesters taking to the street in the evening who walked to the headquarters of the local police department where there were officers in riot gear waiting for them who also used tear gas Against the crowd. There were moments of tension and clashes that lasted until 11 pm local time.

Because of the high tensions, the mayor of the Brooklyn Center imposed Clothe in the city. Mike Elliott On Twitter, people were asked to “stay home, safely,” while Minnesota’s governor said, Tim Falls, He said he was “watching closely” and praying for the Wright family. Some members National Guard From Minnesota, who had already lined up for the Derek Chauvin trial, he was sent to guard the area, as all school buildings were closed in the meantime.

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