Ministers Meloni New Cabinet List: From Tajani to Nordeo

Totominstersin the obstacle course to success Marta Cartabia In the way of Arenola, after the commencement of consultations, in view of the possible assignment a Georgia Meloni to form the government, and in fairness, the names that remain at stake are the names of the former president of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellatiand the former Prime Minister Carlo Nordio: Both have made it known as “waiting for the leaders’ decisions” but the tunes are different, with the Melonian candidate apparently setting the arrow to take the position of Keeper of the Seals.

Tuesday Silvio Berlusconi He announced Meloni’s approval of Casellati for justice, but his citations as the Keeper of the Seals would go down. It is no coincidence that the former Prime Minister met yesterday morning at Villa Grande the former prosecutor Carlo Nordeo, the new parliamentarian from the FdI and whom she referred to via della Scruva as the future Minister of Justice.

Putin’s “stolen voice” always weighs in on the negotiations for ministers in blue, despite denials and “shooting corrections”. They say, however, that in the end, once the situation has been cast, the words of the force commander should not spoil the basic scheme, beginning with the most important square, Farnesina, “Promised” with Antonio Tajani. At present, therefore, in addition to the current national party coordinator, who can also become deputy prime minister with Matteo Salvinithe blues are eligible forRaising the level of The government will be: Casillati herself (not for justice), Gilberto Piccito Fratine (preferred for the ecological transition, which can nonetheless be ’emptied’ from the energy delegation, claimed by the FdI); The outgoing president of forced senators Annamaria Bernini And the deputy Gloria Sacani Guti (Competing for university).

The election of the two Vice-Presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate, yesterday, gave another indication of the ministerial schedule. Vice appointed once Ignazio La Rosa Senator of the Northern League Gian Marco Centineowhich was given to cultivation until a few days ago, now the rumors assigning this department to the FdI are more pressing: on the right track there will be Roberto Perotticurrently in the form of the Office of the European Commissioner for Agriculture e Luca de Carlobut there are those who are betting that in the end he can win Francesco Lollobrigida, the right-hand man of Meloni in Montecitorio, who will relinquish his position as leader of the group in the room. Al Mise (as long as he is “strong”, i.e. with heavy delegations like that) is given a favourite Guido CrositoWhile we always talk about European affairs Rafael Vito.

for Giovabattista VasulariMeloni’s shadow man, there’s always at stake the Chief Under Secretary of the Presidency (Melone must keep the delegation to the Secret Service in the meantime). Daniela Santanche It will be in the race for tourism. The name of the future Minister of the Seas is unknown, and he is highly coveted by the leader of the Via della Scrofa, who must house the Port Authority, a strategist for managing illegal immigrants, which must be ‘stolen’ from the infrastructures promised to the League.

Sincerely to the head of the FdI, Marina Elvira Calderoni, could be the new Secretary of Labor. Meloni can stand the defense (Adolfo Urso will remain among the favourites) and give the bull to a technician at the Ministry of the Interior, a position that still sees governor prices soar. Matteo Pentidosi.

On the Lega front, Salvini continues to strive to overcome difficulties: “People are asking the center-right to judge well and to hurry,” he told Silvio Berlusconi, who welcomed him at lunch. Via Bellerio after a step back in the field of agriculture, Matteo Salvini confirms the infrastructure and the team’s deputy prime minister. armchair holds in totonomi these days, Giancarlo Giorgetti for the economy, while Roberto Calderoli It must deal with territorial affairs, which include the subject of autonomy. to me Simona with a dildo Should go to the Ministry of the Family. always in liga, Giuseppe Valdetara At the pole of the Ministry of Education.

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