Minister Colau: “93-95% of PA servers are not in secure conditions. In June, companies’ proposals for the cloud”

“We have the 93-95% Gods server subordinate Public Administration Not in safe conditions.” Alarm – annoying in light a growing number of cafe attack هجوم all over the world – Comes from the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation Vittorio Colao, who warns of the Trento Economic Festival: “Here Nobody is sure We can’t go on like this, we need to Cloud More secure because the data sensitive of citizens and those less sensitive are kept safe.” Statements that come in light of General Notices For the public cloud, a game that both government and non-government players have already set their sights on. On the one hand, partition Fincantieri In partnership with the department Aws on AmazonAnd the On the other hand Leonardo in partnership with Aruba.

“We must go to the cloud by creating the National Strategic Hub,” comments the former Vodafone CEO. And “the state expects all companies to present their proposals at home.” June To create a secure and redundant national hub that has its own access keys encryption Under public control and where we can take advantage of our secure technology. We will also categorize commercial cloud data and the levels at which, if used, you will need to adopt it. A world that is both commercially and less commercially secure.”

Colau, who holds that the role of the state of innovation should be “Fitness Trainer that puts resources and skills “and” must begin to innovate wherever they are monopolist, starting with public administration, leaving the organizational model that simply repeats the past, “has also returnedTheme single network: It’s not a big issue in other countries. It is not in Spain, in Holland, in Great Britain. It seems to be a big topic in Italy. We, as a “former coach”, have to think about it skills and connections. The goal is to drive Contact everywhere. We have taken six billion and 700 million euros to help the “players”. Now “we have to get the players out there to give their best and then if they don’t play, the state will do that too, but the important thing is that there is The player who takes the ball away She says I am the only game. We will not let this pass and Europe will not pass either.”

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