Minecraft, Mojang announce new licensing partners

Since the game was released 14 years ago, it has become a world Maine Craft It has continued to expand, and has grown into a global entertainment powerhouse with new products, media content, in-game events, and promotional partners. in view of Licensing Exhibition June 2023 Born in Minecraft’s fifteenth anniversary in 2024And Many new licensing partners are joining the brand.

Since its debut in 2009, the critically acclaimed and award-winning Minecraft video game has been called “the best video game of (the first two decades) of the 21st century” by The Guardian. With over a trillion views on YouTube, what started as a game and platform for creative expression has evolved into an evergreen entertainment franchise with More than 150 licensing partners around the world who are already creating new consumer product experiences for fans, including global partners LEGO, Mattel, Random House, Hallmark, Hasbro, and Crocs And uniqlo.

Ahead of the Licensing Expo, Minecraft signed a number of new licensing partners to expand its product offerings, including Crayola (seasonal/party – US & Canada), American greetings (Greeting Cards and Wrapping Paper – America and Canada), Crunchback (Food and Beverages – United States and Canada), Dynacraft (Sporting Goods – US), Bladez games (Arts and Crafts – UK, Europe and Australia), brooks (Seasons/Holidays – Europe), Founders loyalty programs (Europe) f Andromeda (Back to School – Mexico).

These new licensing partners were revealed after the recent launch of the highly anticipated new strategy game Minecraft, Minecraft Legendsthe latest expansion following the huge success of Minecraft Dungeon, and following the announcement of the arrival of Minecraft film Produced by Warner Bros. And Legendary Pictures for Minecraft, which you will play Jason Momoa (Aquaman), which will hit theaters April 4, 2025.

With unprecedented scope for creativity, Minecraft has become a global phenomenon that fosters creative thinking in play and through our branded products, providing fans with the opportunity to interact with Minecraft both physically and digitally.he commented Frederick Saint MartinMinecraft’s global head of consumer products. “With our 15th anniversary next year, now is the perfect time to showcase at the Licensing Show as we look to expand into new business areas globally. We are eager to share upcoming franchise initiatives with new, existing and potential partners and discuss creative and engaging ways to stimulate our communities through content, game updates, marketing, retail and promotional activities.“.

With a focus on fashion in the licensing gallery, Minecraft has partnered with some of the top fashion brands in the world including Burberry, Lacoste And puma. “Fashion is important to Minecraft because it bridges the gap between the digital and physical space. It also allows you to express yourself and your creativity through design and customization, in parallel with the game that our community has come to loveUnderline Saint Martin.

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