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video game lab It is the new program of Nintendo Switch which allows you to build different types of video games using a fairly intuitive editor that is accessible to everyone, but the creations can obviously be of different complexity, as this convincing demonstrates minecraft clone Already created by a user.

Video Game Lab is available from June 11, and it’s more like a program with a series of tools inside, a games maker Which allows, in a fairly simple and fun way, to create different gaming experiences that are obviously not very deep. In most cases, these are diagrams of fairly basic genres, such as platformers, shooters, or puzzles, but the possibilities are endless if you can make the most of the tools available.

As shown in the GameXplain video shown below, someone was able to use the tools of the Video Game Lab to curate a type of Minecraft, and reproduce some of them. Key Features Quite convincingly.

We are clearly far from the complexity and breadth of the original Mojang game, but there is already a lot, given the means at hand, 3D self-paced game Of this caliber, with some typical actions and reactions that seem to really come from the popular exploration and resource gathering game.

On top of that, everything was built in just a few days, with the game being off for just over a week. This does nothing but predict the many possibilities that could emerge from this title on the Nintendo Switch, also considering how the Nintendo console community knows how to take advantage of these opportunities, as we also saw with Super Mario Maker 2.

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To learn more about the “game” in question, if it can be defined as such, we refer you to our Video Game Lab review.

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