Millions of new stickers arrive on WhatsApp: here’s how

One of the most popular features in The WhatsApp she a posterEspecially available since October 2018 Animated stickers It was introduced in July 2020. According to the WhatsApp application itself, the stickers that users send from all over the world daily are so Billions.

That is why, over the course of the months, WhatsApp has introduced more and more collections of stickers (animated and otherwise) to satisfy its users and introduced an action to Import stickers Published on Play Store and App Store. according to “Hungry for stickersHowever, WhatsApp has now decided to go one step further: allowing users Import directly into the application Stickers produced with third-party apps, which are literally Millions. It was already possible to do this, but by following a somewhat inconvenient and informal procedure, while with the following versions of WhatsApp it would be possible to do it in a much easier way and without resorting to external tools, if not the app to create a sticker character.

New stickers for WhatsApp: How It Works

The news at the moment is not for everyone: WhatsApp is releasing it in these hours for users of Brazil, India and Indonesia with beta apps 2.21.40 for iOS and for Android.

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These users can now download one of many App to create animated stickers And start creating new groups (each group must have at least 3 stickers, otherwise they will not be imported from WhatsApp). Many of these apps also allow you to create animated stickers from a video shot using your smartphone’s camera, which simplifies the matter a lot.

Files created by these applications are saved in.webp, Which WhatsApp uses to package stickers. At this point you can be new groups Imported to WhatsApp Similar to those published by professional developers, without additional maneuvers.

WhatsApp, more features are on the way

There are many news in the pipeline on WhatsApp: some are only available on beta apps, and some also access the official apps. For example the possibility Mute the video BEFORE SHARE OR LABELRead later“.

But the real news that all users are waiting for, which is already in the testing phase, is cause for concern Whatsapp Web: In the version of the WhatsApp browser, in fact, we have long waited for the arrival of the ability to make conference and video calls as it actually happens with the smartphone app.

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