Millions of damages required in the absence of the national team match

Rugby, Australia threaten All Blacks: Millions of damages required if match between national teams is lost

Italy – All Blacks 2018 – Picture of Antonio Friuli

Australia and New ZealandThe third match of the Bledesloe Cup is scheduled for next Saturday. team, in this case all black, However, there may not be because Restrictions imposed by the Canberra government to curb the epidemic: The match in this sense can be postponed for a week. However, Australia did not welcome this prospect, and threatened to demand that the All Blacks pay several million in damages if they did not travel to Perth.

“I’ve made it clear to the New Zealanders that we have a contract and they are committed to it”The Australian Federation President said, Andy Marinos, who learned of the visiting team’s non-arrival during negotiations underway with the Perth authorities to obtain an exemption from the 14-day quarantine imposed on arrivals in the country under the new anti-epidemic rules. Marinos said that He hopes to play on 4 September and has asked the New Zealand Football Association to provide written assurances that the All Blacks will participate. According to Australian media, if the New Zealanders do not attend, the Western Australian government will demand payment of nearly €3 million paid to Australian rugby to host the match in Perth.

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