‘Million Dollar Boris’, a hail of millions praying for Johnson after farewell

If the political resignation of the Conservative leadership, and thus soon the post of Prime Minister, was a crushing defeat for Boris Johnson, from an economic point of view it may soon prove to be his great fortune. The British Prime Minister is expected to become a millionaire, if not a billionaire, thanks to a whole series of agreements he has already signed and others that he will sign soon.

By early accounts, this could outpace Tony Blair’s success and double at least the £10m a year the former Labor leader was able to earn from his speeches at the end of his tenure, arriving at salaries that would make the best pale. league players. Ex-journalist Johnson is used to the staggering wages and was once called “chicken feed”, an annual salary of £250,000 he earned from the conservative Daily Telegraph.

Now, according to the tabloid daily Mail, he could easily earn £400,000 for a speech, while his memoirs could sell for at least £1 million, and he might even have time to write his much-delayed autobiography of William Shakespeare. Johnson had already signed a contract with Hodder & Stoughton for Shakespeare: The Mystery of Genius in mid-2015 and took £500,000 up front. The publishing house is confident that it will be able to replicate the success of another autobiography by the former mayor of London, the bestselling The Churchill Factor. About his idol Winston Churchill.

“Boris is very wise and in the next 25 years, if he keeps growing, he will be a billion dollar Boris, and a billion dollar Boris. It’s a global brand, and with the right management, that goes beyond paid talk.” Relationships educator Mark Borkowski said. As the tabloid reports, when Johnson was a Member of Parliament, he still earned around £830,000 for newspaper columns, books, speeches and TV appearances. Life as prime minister could give him personal satisfaction, but in the future with a simple 20-minute speech he could earn the equivalent of two years of his current salary of around £150,000 a year.

While his telegraph column is likely to be returned to him, Borkowski believes he could get a more lucrative deal with American broadcasters like Fox. “She’s about to outsmart Tony Blair. The guy understands entertainment, he understands stardom, and putting those two strong things together with the right kind of team would be a huge draw. People want to know Boris’ last days,” the expert said.

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