Milk, there is no expiration date in the UK supermarket: ‘smell it to hear if it’s good’

In Morrisons supermarkets in the UK, the word “use by” will be removed from milk packaging.

My grandfather always told me the nose is over the mouth because we’re about to eat something Expired, we notice it in time. Well, what I didn’t know is that my grandfather is living a second life as CEO supermarkets Morrisons. How else would you explain the option to remove the phrase “consume” from 90% of packages milkInstead of inviting customers to smell it to check its quality?


Seriously, the UK chain’s idea seems well thought out: adding ‘prefers’ to ‘eat’, then encouraging its customers to take a healthy sniff to see if it’s really bad. Target? Reduce waste, of course. After all, according to the recycling charity Wrap, milk is the third most wasted food product in the UK, so any idea is welcome. It is also estimated that about 85 million discarded pints are due to those who followed the word ‘consume’ closely, when it has been shown that it can also be drunk in the days immediately following.

“The dates on the milk will stay the same – and it’s what we’re asking customers for that changes,” a Morrisons spokesperson said. “Good, well-stored milk has a good shelf life of a few days beyond normal expiration dates – and we believe it should be consumed, not poured into the tub. So today we are taking a brave step and asking customers to decide for themselves if their milk is still good.”

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