Military documents on a submarine found in the toilet of the Scandal Pub in the United Kingdom

Inside the bathroom of a pub for the Wetherspoons chain in the north of England, some documents were found marked “official”. It is known before the sun, which tells of an investigation immediately opened by the British Royal Navy to better understand the origin of the texts found. According to the British tabloid, the papers will contain information on Hms Anson, one of the most advanced submarines in the British Navy, worth £ 1.3 billion. It was alleged that the collection of documents was found “in the Furness railway pub in the village of Barrow-in-Furness, in the English county of Cumbria, and found on the floor of the local lavatory”. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the British Royal Navy specified that “these are general training documents that do not contain classified information.” The HMS Anson submarine mentioned in the newspapers is alleged to be a nuclear powered attack ship built at the Bae Systems shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, near the pub where the documents were found. “I went to the bathroom and the blueprints were lying on the floor of the cabin along with the rope,” explains one of the witnesses quoted the sun. “Anyone could find them. He was lucky he wasn’t a Russian spy. Instead, a naval source explained, the documents are part of a reference manual usually available on board the submarine. “Everyone who works on the submarine uses the manual.” But suspicions raised by an officer The former captain, Commander Ryan Ramsey, is in for a more targeted act: “Looks like someone removed the pages from the boat to study.”

the sun/One of the documents found in the bathroom of the Furness Railway pub in Barrow

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