Milan, Ibrahimovic, Lukaku and the fight against racism

Rome – “Yes, I love football. It has been my life and thanks to the Bein Sports channel that broadcasts in Liberia, I can watch all the important matches from the satellite. This week I watched the Champions League and I liked Real Madrid-Chelsea, one very exciting show. Too bad for Chelsea They deserved more…”. Thus began the interview with George Weah, Former striker of Milan And now his head Liberia. In the A.C. Milan adventure, he was also the king, King George, with the 1995 Ballon d’Or conquest, with Milan in his heart: “I know he’s having a great season and can win the Scudetto, I hope. But I am unable to make judgments. I know it’s a young team, I’ve heard it many times MaldiniWe often exchange messages. He is happy and optimistic, tell me about some players like Liao and Theo Hernandez, But I don’t know them well to make personal judgments. Paolo is a Milan player inside, and he can only do good for the club. He understands a lot about football.”

Ya Ali Ibra: “It’s a legend”

needles He’s a legend, he has passion, if the coach gives him confidence it’s good to keep going. After all, I played with Petro Virchowd, who has been on the field for more than 40 years and Paulo has also reached that age. Possible if there is enthusiasm and health. And we want to talk about it Buffon He’s still playing, right? How old is he? It can be up to 50! “. This is what he thinks of the man who is the current icon of Milan despite the frequent injuries: “He should know that, I too would have wanted to keep going, but at 36 I couldn’t take it anymore, a lot of ailments, it comes to a point where you can no longer train, when instead you have to train more youthful People. Stop.”

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Oh and Lukaku and the scourge of racism

Another interesting striker, even compared to Wuha, is lukaku. The Liberian president thinks this way: “Lukaku is a very strong player, I like him very much. Chelsea were not doing well because they found another kind of football, which did not fit his characteristics. They made the mistake of buying him, if they did not think that they could play for him by exploiting his remarkable speed and power.”. The scourge of football still has to be fought racism, Another central topic for Weah: “Unfortunately, racism is still in the stadiums, because it is still in your community. Africans, blacks, who are different are still viewed with suspicion by a lot of people in Europe and politicians often sow this mistrust.” The mind returns to the unpleasant episode of Porto Milan in November 1996:A bad and ignorant opponent insulted me throughout the match by making me cry from the monkey. His colleagues and I watched it, and I think the referee too, but he did nothing. Finally, in the locker room tunnel, I gave him the back of the head. I was wrong, I know. But at that moment I wanted him to remember me from the next day, every time he looked in the mirror.”

Weah and his son Timothy: “I would be happy if he played for Milan”

In conclusion, an idea for his son Timothy 22-year-old striker night Who can play next World Cup with the United States:I pray that it happens, that would be great. Timothy is strong, I can not say how much, because in recent years he has been little affected by injuries, he has not yet expressed himself to his full potential. Me, my mother and her siblings are happy with her career and proud of her ability to play the World Cup. It just came close, in 2002, but we lost in our last qualifying match. The future in Milan? I don’t know, I don’t want to say any of that. Of course I would be very happy if that happened.” Now is the time for Weah to return to politics and the upcoming elections, at the end of his term, in 2023: “My people love me, and they still love and trust me, because they see the results of my presidency coming. In these three years, despite the coronavirus epidemic, our economy has grown, unemployment has fallen, we have built infrastructures and a solid peace, which is the foundation on which the progress of the people is built, and we will win In the next election again.”

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