Milan, Elliot and Redbird Scudetto Alliance

Milan Next week will be a hot week for companies. The Milan Very soon it will have a new owner, a new historical turning point really one step away. Negotiations to sell the club from the fund Elliot to Red Bird Capital Partners Really close, even according to the official Bloomberg report, the two American giants have already signed a preliminary contract, which means that in a few days there may also be the final action, or closure. These are frantic hours, of rumors and wild ideas, but today there is a very important date for the club’s history and the current ownership will certainly be represented by all the management and important members of the Singer family at the Reggio Emilia Stadium. But starting tomorrow, he will resume dialogue with Jerry Cardinale’s group to move forward towards concluding the deal.

Project Type

The basic idea that led the US proposal to override one that has been on the table some time ago by Investcorp, a Bahraini fund that has pulled out of the race, would involve some sort of partnership between Elliott and Red Bird. In fact, the current ownership of AC Milan will retain a minority stake and sell the club for a figure of approximately 1.3 billion euros, but over the next few years it may rise to 1.8 million if certain factors, one of all factors, occur. Construction of the new stadium. The Red Bird project will be to create synergies between football and other sectors, a project of a media company as already in the United States where television programs with athletes are most popular. There are important collaborations underway with personalities of LeBron James’ caliber, moreover, the fund managed by the Italian-American Cardinal has close ties to the NFL, golf and basketball companies.

the future

Red Bird manages a capital of $ 6 billion, but soon plans to double his income and a venture in Milan could give a final boost to Jerry Cardinale’s group, which can already count countless collaborations in the world of sports and beyond. In fact, the risks are not limited to teams, such as Liverpool or Toulouse (in the latter the share is 80%), but Redbird joins about 32 companies in different sectors, including telecommunications, information technology or financial services. The fund was born in 2014 and is headquartered in New York, not far from the headquarters of the Elliott Fund, and together they plan to re-launch AC Milan worldwide and will do so on a step-by-step principle. The model currently established by the Singer family will also be expanded to include new investors, but continuity will be given to the project with contractual extension of all management and existing management area, starting with Maldini, Massara and possibly also CEO Ivan Gazidis.

Milan, a big welcome to Reggio Emilia: Giroud shoots everything

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Milan, a big welcome to Reggio Emilia: Giroud shoots everything

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