Milan, a trip to the Tottenham stadium that the club wants to rebuild in La Maura

By our correspondent Luca Bianchin

Spurs Stadium is a clear example for the RedBird. Retractable stands, mobile lawns, restaurants and a series of exclusive services. “It is an experiment that allows us to understand the opportunities that a modern factory can provide,” says Scaroni.

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Milan will play in his future tonight. The Tottenham stadium is an obvious model for the RedBird, which in a month or so will want to decide where to build its own facility. “The experience that can be enjoyed in a stadium as innovative as Tottenham’s, as in many stadiums in the United States, allows us to understand the possibilities and opportunities that a modern facility can offer – says Paolo Scaroni, president of AC Milan. We have to accelerate the stadium project The new one, which is essential to be able to compete at the international level. The old San Siro is full of memories, but we feel a responsibility to look to the future.” Therefore, before the game, we go on an excursion to the Tottenham stadium.


Milan, in 2021-22, collected 32 million from its stadium, thanks above all to ticket sales. Spurs have reached 125 thanks to a state-of-the-art facility, which brings in cash even on days without matches. At the Tottenham stadium, which was built over the old White Hart Lane, during the week there are conferences, events and even a little cinema. Here they filmed the gangs of London.


Milan pushes some data into the notebook and marks it. In the decade 2010-2020, 153 new stadiums were built in Europe, with an investment of €19.8 billion. Only 1% of this money was spent in Italy. Costing over $1 billion, Tottenham Stadium holds just over 62,000 spectators and is the largest football stadium in Europe. Anyone wanting to see it should take the Underground to North London, in a decidedly not-so-rich area where the contrast is most noticeable: the ultra-modern stadium in a popular neighbourhood, with citizens of more than 200 nationalities.

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The stadium is of course very far from Italian standards. The stands are retractable and the grass is movable and is driven by 68 motors on the track system. Under the lawn there is an artificial field for American football, because the agreement with the NFL provides for playing here at least two matches per season. technology and initiatives. Those with an adventurous spirit can walk on the roof of the stadium around the cockerel, the symbol of Tottenham. The floor of the south stand is made of old White Hart Lane materials, demolished in 2017, and inside the brewery beer is produced and sold around the stands. By the way, restaurants are worth two lines. At Tottenham Hotspur there are dozens of them, from five-star with elite chefs to banquets with hot dogs. For those who are used to buying a sandwich outside of San Siro, there is a certain difference.


Of course, the theme is also economical, at all levels. About 8,000 seats inside the stadium are excellent, let’s say VIPs, which only a few have access to. The cost of a season ticket in the H Club, the most exclusive area, is 15,000 pounds per person, to which must be added an initial cost (also valid for subsequent years) of 30,000 pounds. In the very exclusive Tunnel Club, you can dine and watch the players waiting to enter the stadium through mirrored glass: the fans see the players … without being seen. At the same time, and on a difficult scale, there are subscriptions of 600-800 pounds in the least expensive season.

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Milan wants to start from here to build its modern, profitable and environmentally sustainable stadium, within an urban redevelopment project, in a vast green area, with the aim of carbon neutrality because the environment matters. Its implementation is complicated between extremely high costs – it will exceed a billion, with 500-600 million for the construction of the stadium alone – and a political veto. An assessment of the La Maura area, just a kilometer from the San Siro, has been in progress in recent weeks, and Cardinale has two priorities, one more important than the other. The first, the important one: staying in Milan. The second, primary: hurry.

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