miHoYo generated more revenue than Activision, EA and Embracer, Genshin Impact study finds

According to China’s Guangming Daily, the development study last year miHoYo It produced 27.34 billion yuan of Revenues (about 3.80 billion euros), with i earnings Which amounted to 16.145 billion yuan (about 2.24 billion euros).

This is quite an achievement, considering that it is not even a publicly traded company, with very high profits considering the expenses incurred. In this, he fared better than many Western giants, such as Activision Blizzardand Electronic Arts, Embracer Group and Take Two which made less, after higher net revenues.

Incidentally, over the same period, Activision Blizzard generated $7.52 billion in revenue, for $1.51 billion in profit. Electronic Arts had revenues of $7.42 billion, compared to profits of $802 million. Embracer Group $3.52 billion in revenue for a profit of $417 million and Take-Two $5.35 billion in revenue for a loss of $1.12 billion.

miYoHo’s China It’s still behind big names like Tencent and NetEase, with the former generating $17.3 billion in revenue and the latter $10.8 billion, but these are companies of other sizes.

miHoYo’s success is mainly due to its Genshin effectwhich has surpassed $4 billion in worldwide revenue since its publication. Even the latest Honkai: Star Rail seems to be doing very well, being able to pull in more than $130 million in its first month, on iOS and Android.

The three founders of miHoYo are among the 500 richest people in China.

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