Mihajlovic, new hospital admission: “The disease is back and I will give another lesson to leukemia”

Sinisa Mihajlovic’s new hospital admission, leukemia has returned. “You can see this disease is very brave,” he said, “if you still want to go back to face someone like me… Well, here I am: if the first lesson is not enough, we will give him another.” At a press conference from Casteldebole. , home of the Rossoble Sports Center, the Serbian coach announced that the leukemia he contracted more than two years ago has recurred.

“From the recent analyzes, alarm bells have arisen and the risk of a recurrence of the disease may arise. To prevent this from happening, I have been advised to follow a course of treatment that can nip this negative hypothesis in the bud,” he said.

“At the beginning of next week, I will be absent and will be hospitalized in St. Ursula in Bologna in the ‘Advanced Cellular Therapy Programme’ under the supervision of Dr. Francesca Bonivazzi who has already followed me in the previous phase of my course of treatment – he explained – I know I am in excellent hands. Other than two and a half years when I could barely hold back my tears, this time you see me calmer. I know what I have to do and above all my situation is very different from that of that time.”

“I hope the times are short – added Mihajlovic – you know me and you know I will do everything to make it faster, but I will definitely have to skip some matches. Technology to follow the team 24 hours a day … from training to everything else.”

The Bologna coach said: “The start of 2022 was not so lucky, but neither the team nor the team should feel sorry for ourselves, in the difficulties in which the courage and ability of men are measured – as the Bologna coach said – I am sure the boys will not. I was disappointed. I will fight with them as usual and I know they will fight for me too. They are good guys and good players. I ask the wonderful Bologna fans to support and help them. I hope that at Casteldebole training ground, in Dall’Ara, far away or in the hospital room, we will not give up an inch. We’ll be back in the standings and I’ll be back here soon, with the team and with all of you. I also thank the president, the club and the managers for the affection and closeness.”

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