Migrants in the channel: France does not want to conduct joint patrols with the United Kingdom

After the deaths of twenty-seven migrants in the English Channel on November 24, Paris and London try to reach an agreement to end migrant smuggling. However, French Prime Minister Jean Castix rejected his proposal on Thursday, December 2nd in a letter to his British counterpart Boris Johnson. “Joint Patrols” on French soil to prevent the departure of immigrants to Great Britain.

We have always agreed to study and discuss UK proposals to enhance cooperation in good faith. We accepted some and rejected others.”In this text, Mr. Castex writes. We cannot accept, for example, that the British police or the army patrol our coasts; Our sovereignty is at stake.”, pointing to.

Boris Johnson made this suggestion during a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron the day after the tragedy. This was also described in a letter from Mr Johnson to Mr Macron – that Posted on Twitter The British government ulcerated Paris and caused a new crisis between the two countries.

Returning migrants ‘not an option’ for France

In his text, Mr. Johnson also suggested “Bilateral readmission agreement to allow the return of all illegal immigrants crossing the Canal”. “The return of migrants is not an option for us, it is not a serious or responsible way to address the issue”As told Matignon’s source.

“More than 700 police and gendarmerie officers search the Opal coast every day to prevent makeshift boats from going into the sea” In England, Mr. Castex points out in his response. “Part of these operations are carried out with a financial contribution from your government, in accordance with our cooperation agreements.”, to remember.

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“However, these efforts only allow the phenomenon to be contained, not provide a permanent answer.”, believed the French Prime Minister, urged the UK to lead “More Efficient Return Policy” open “Legal immigration pathways for those who have legitimate reasons for wanting to surrender” in this country.

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