Migrants, Europe belittles us. There is a risk of a new wave

On the issue of immigrants, Europe is in hiding, despite promises of proximity to Italy. At the request of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the immigration issue will also be discussed during the working dinner linked to the European Union summit to be held on Monday in Brussels. Even if managing migration flows to Europe is not on the agenda of the extraordinary European Council to be held in the next few days.

However, the Italian prime minister is expected to take matters into his own hands and assert himself, with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, as this issue is of vital importance to the country, given the increase in arrivals in recent days.

On the agenda of the meeting, there will be “relations with Great Britain and Russia, and the crisis in the Middle East will also be discussed.” On Tuesday morning, the leaders of the European Union will meet again and talk in particular about Covid and the climate. ”

A real debut for Draghi, which is certain will present the Italian reasons and the necessity for Europe to be close to Italy at a time when, either due to the particularly favorable climate, or due to the current geopolitical conditions, it leads to an increase in departures from North Africa, especially from Libya and Tunisia.

Among other things, the summit will also discuss Russia, the Middle East, and relations with Great Britain.

Tuesday’s agenda is different, stating that heads of state and government will discuss the introduction of the Fit for 55 package to the European Commission, legislative proposals that would adapt EU legislation to the goal of reducing pollutant emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, and the epidemiological situation. Also, in light of the agreement reached yesterday between the European Parliament and the Green Corridor Council, or the European digital certificate of Covid, “according to the agencies’ reports.

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Italy and Spain, which are handling the migrant issue by force, will certainly insist that we are talking about flows. Madrid, as we learned from press sources, wants to focus attention in particular on what is happening in Ceuta, the Moroccan coast and the Canary Islands.

As for our country, Draghi should talk about Lampedusa, leave Libya and Tunisia and the EU commitment, which he promised many times and always very little.

Moreover, in September of last year, the European Commission “submitted a proposal for a new agreement on immigration and asylum that does not envisage a clear transgression of the basic principle of the Dublin Convention, that is, the attribution of costs to countries of first arrival connected to migration flows. The agreement is under discussion, but it did not come so far. Commissioner Elva Johansson has publicly complained about the slow pace of the file. According to qualified sources, it is very difficult to reach an agreement on a new immigration and asylum policy in the European Union before the summer.

The solution? It could lie in “enhanced cooperation” between countries that agree, and alienate those who disagree.

But there are those who are skeptical, such as the chairperson of the Senate in Forza Italy, Anna Maria Bernini who explained: “After the very disappointing agreement on immigration, there is no point in having illusions: solidarity in the redistribution of immigrants is directed to remain a mirage, and the only way to be followed It is the strict control over the departures, the restoration of the legal channels of entry, and the return mechanism that does not fall entirely on the shoulders of the countries of first entry.

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