Migrants, Antonio Tajani slowly takes Italy to the EU foreign council

Meanwhile, Tajani has relaunched a kind of “Marshall Plan” for Africa that includes agreements with Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Niger and other Sahel countries. Agreements modeled on what happened in Turkey – to which the European Union has allocated 6 billion euros – to put an end to migration on the Balkan route, making it possible to manage migration flows directly in countries of departure, creating hot spots. In Africa, as suggested several times by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. From there, a selection of asylum applications can be started and migrants can be evenly allocated among the 27 countries that are part of the European Union.

Among other proposals being worked on, which will likely be on the table of the European Foreign Ministers Summit, is the drafting of a European Code of Conduct for NGOs, possibly starting from the text already launched in 2017 by the then Minister. Italian Interior, Marco Minniti, Countries Which Find Most Support of the Union, France. At that time, few organizations signed the document. Among them were neither Médecins Sans Frontières nor Souss Mediterranee, two NGOs currently operating in the Mediterranean with their ships.

Among the rules stipulated in the law, there was, for example, the obligation not to enter Libyan waters, the obligation not to “make communications or send light signals to facilitate the departure and boarding of boats carrying migrants” but also that “not to save people who were rescued. “. Finally, also a willingness to allow judicial police officers to work.

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In general, Italy has already asked Europe to oblige countries that give flags to boats of humanitarian organizations to deal with the redistribution of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean by their ships. A black-and-white proposal was laid out in a joint declaration by Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Greece and was defended by the Minister of the Interior himself, Matteo Bentidosi, who had just reiterated that “we will only enter our country legally”.

France: We will call on the European Union for unity and the responsibility of states – “During the meeting, the issue of migration will be raised. I will be reminded of the ‘need’ for EU unity, responsibility for human life and solidarity among Europeans,” said French Under-Secretary of State for European Affairs, Laurence Bonn, upon arrival at the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council. Then he added, “I will take this opportunity to thank the countries that help France welcome refugees.”

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