Migrants, a lawsuit filed with the European Court regarding Frontex pushbacks in the Aegean Sea

Although initial request Suspension and / or termination of activity Frontex at Greece For failure to comply with a policyEuropean agency She sent herself last February to the General Manager, Fabrice Legere, By the legal team of ng In front of LexThere was no specific answer. Seek explanation and action for the chiefEuropean agency More funded and more populous than Responsible And policemen, even from the human rights department Agency. Short circuit not yet generated any frequency at Awareness And in the modus operandi Lightweight.

Failure to comply with the agency’s own regulations – created to monitor land and sea borders forunion Now substantially substantiated with evidence at hand by attorneys for the Dutch NGO In front of LexAnd the Avatch Cohen e Omer Schatz. Lawyers have also threatened in case they have reservations Lightweight During those four months, they then filed a real lawsuit with me European Court of Justice. It is the first time that Al The highest European judicial body He was asked to accept and stand trial over an investigation denouncing him Very serious Violations of human rights ImmigrantsThat is, hundreds of collective rejections also of many minors, actively linked Frontex in March Aegean Sea.

Since 2006 Frontex Active in Greece And in March 2020, upon request AthenaAnother intervention in the Aegean Sea thanks to its ability to coordinate and finance the active participation of other member states of the Union. over there Greece In March of last year he had requested intervention Frontex A few days after the Turkish president announced, Recep Tayyip ErdoganTo open the Turkish border and allow migrants on their land access toEurope By sea and land. On the same days Athena He had also commented Asylum Violates right European. Numerous since then rejection Groups By the sea Greece, Sometimes with the active help of Frontex, It was reported extensively by International media, Especially last October by the official German weekly newspaper woman. The German newspaper rebuilt that in some cases ships Frontex Witnessed repulsions (push back) Which are in violation of international and European law. Iftach Cohen, A lawyer for the NGO In front of LexIn a preview to Italian media, he explains why and what goal This is a legal action.

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Frontex He has duties to Immigrants And the gods Applicants seek refuge: You should not participate in rejection e Procedures That violate human rights stipulated in international and European law as it apparently did in Greece On several occasions. But most importantly, you must take all measures to protect people for violent A fundamental right that its partners also perform, in this case Greece.

“This Agency European It has now exclusively turned into a real army that carries out very sensitive operations but has not been controlled and condemned at all due to the human rights violations associated with its operations carried out at the external land and sea borders of the European Union. ”Since March 2020, the Greek Prime Minister said. Kyriakos Mystotakis “Nothing is the same anymore.” The Government Last year, in fact, it was suspended temporarily Asylum He developed new ones Tactics To intercept him in the sea I Immigrants And he immediately turned them down Turkey. These are illegal methods compared to the applicable European law. real The coup Dependent Current regulations In the field of human rights stipulated in the international treaties it has also ratified GreeceThe attorney explains Cohen. Evidence sent by lawyers for the Dutch NGO to European Court It was gathered not only through the investigative work of the most reliable international media but also by Ashenor Even by the German government.

“The Our legal procedures Unprecedented proves this Frontex at Aegean Sea It is the facilitator and the legislator of an illegal policy, a systematic and widespread attack directed against the civilian population, presented by the Greek authorities in March 2020. Operational and financial contribution to Frontex He clarifies that aiding and abetting the implementation of this illegal policy is indispensable for the continuation of these illegal practices. Omar Schatz Legal Director of In front of Lex.

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Use European Court of JusticeIt should be emphasized that this is the last “beach” for the victims of this collective refusal of the European Union body set up to defend them. It will now be an unprecedented challenge for Cuts The same who will thus have to adapt to herself Law In order to properly perform their own Function. Frontex From this year until 2027 it will have donation 11 billion euros, money that comes from the pockets of all European citizens.

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