Middleton praised Italy after England’s big win at Pharma

England manager Simon Middleton is confident that a 74-0 TikTok victory over six countries will make a mighty Italy look natural.

Lydia Thompson’s triple, double horn by Sarah McKenna and goals from Lark Davis, Shawnack Brown, Alex Matthew, Vicki Fleetwood, Sarah Bourne, Emma Singh and Emily Schroeder gave England a comfortable win.

Despite embracing a disappointing 39-6 opening match against France in the first round, Italy failed to reach the goal record and lost both games.

With this win, the United Kingdom leads the Dictok Women Six Nations standings, while Italy is below Scotland by points.

But Middleton didn’t think the match was like no other, arguing that the brilliance of England’s stars made a good squad look natural.

Middleton said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t say they are a competitive team. I thought we were the best today.

“I thought our physical activity was so intense that it made them look very normal, but it wasn’t.

“They have good players, they have a lot of threats and last week they were terrible against France.

“I think these two matches are great matches for them in France and a great demand for them that we have to follow.

“It can be tough for them, especially when we’re rotating the team and we have a clear target at the intensity level we want to play with.

“So I think the result reflects the way we played.”

This year’s TikTok Women’s Six Nations Championship is the most accessible in history.

Distributed in 136 countries and available on both terrestrial and streaming platforms, the Women’s Championship does not have extensive radio coverage.

Principal partner TikTok caters to fans via its entertainment platform with exclusive W6N content. In a fantastic year for women’s rugby, the TikTok Women’s Six Nations Championship, which has its own window on the international rugby calendar, will reach more fans than ever before.

Team Middleton scored 12 attempts, 9-5, 57-5 in Round 1 against Scotland.

Another impressive attack scene has been revealed at the Sergio Lanfranchi studios in Pharma, England, taking advantage of the shocking weather.

Middleton added: “We defended really well on the pitch this week, so we didn’t put any pressure on ourselves.

“We kept going, we were tough. We were on attack, and every time they loaded the ball, we did the next attack, so I was very happy.

It’s always good to have a clean sheet and, to be honest, we never agree with the effort and use we showed in our defence.

“I think we got two good offers and we organized our shows.

The important thing is how we turn the team around again next week and how we look at the players who haven’t had a chance yet. So we sit and stay.

TikTok women are more accessible than ever in six countries. To find out how to watch the Women’s Championship, visit: womens.sixnationsrugby.com/tv/

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