Microsoft Will Spread Its New Accidental Horror, Says An Insider –

Hideo Kojima Maybe they signed a contract with Microsoft To release his new game horror episodeDeveloped to work through technology Cloud, according to reports from insider SoulsHunt.

The source in question previously revealed Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin before it was actually announced by Square Enix with remarkable accuracy, making it from the inside Potentially reliable, but there is clearly always something to be considered unconfirmed rumors.

According to the tweet below, “Abandoned has nothing to do with Kojima,” which now seems pretty clear. But he adds the following question: “Kojima will sign a contract with Microsoft to launch the episodic horror project (the Stadia game). Microsoft will not buy the studio. Sony rejected the project Because you’re not convinced by the casual formula.”

So it’s based on a series of rumors that have been ironed out for some time and will be recast into this new form: Hideo Kojima has long been rumored to be working on a horror game and it’s been previously reported that Google Stadia rejected one of his projects, right before various other internal titles were canceled and teams closed development, although Google refused to do so.

Therefore, the horror game in question will focus on cloud technology, having been designed for Stadia, making it particularly suitable for cloud games from Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass. On the other hand, rumors that she wants to hire Kim Swift directly related to cloud gaming support and the Hideo Kojima project in particular will be related to this as well.

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In any case, this is information to be taken with caution, however, and SoulsHunt himself says he is not entirely convinced by the last sentence, or the fact that Sony refused to publish the project because it was not convinced of the accidental.

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