Microsoft will purchase Bethesda through Vault, a subsidiary that will give studios – the freedom

By analyzing the documents Microsoft deposited with the European Union, interesting details emerge of this entire complex process. It seems, in fact, Microsoft You will not buy directly Bethesda, But this will be done with a 100% subsidiary created for the occasion: Cellar. In this way, the Redmond giant should be able to control ZeniMax, while keeping the existing corporate structure unchanged. Hence, Bethesda and other acquirers will be able to continue operating as ever, with more freedom of action from Microsoft’s in-house studios.

The document can be viewed online at this is the address, Confirms that Microsoft will still ownExclusive control“Of the entire ZeniMax. However, the acquisition method is private, since it will be done through”A merger in which a newly created Microsoft subsidiary (“Vault”) is merged with ZeniMax“.

This is a similar option to what Take Two with did Private section. So the two companies will be linked, but they will do so through a third company, in this case fully controlled by Microsoft. This framework can give ZeniMax / Bethesda more freedom of action and decision-making than integration into Microsoft Studios. These are a detail that, therefore, leaves the door open for future games developed by idSoftware, Machine Games, and other ZeniMax in-house studios also accessible on platforms other than Xbox and Windows 10.

In fact, these products can appear on the PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Google Stadia below Vault naming. In this way, Microsoft can get the most out of both worlds, given that it will have games designed and developed for its platforms, but also revenue for those who, despite everything, choose to play elsewhere. Like Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, so to speak.

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