Microsoft Rebranding XCloud, Rebranding Xbox Game Pass?

Ever since it started taking shape behind the scenes, Microsoft’s streaming game service has always been codenamed. XCloud Project. When the time came, however, it debuted under the name Xbox Cloud Gaming and ended up being among the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks.

However, it seems that the House of Redmond is still very fond of this codename, because it already exists Rebranding “XCLOUD” In the USA commissioned by the following description: “Entertainment services that offer online video games; rent video games; and provide information about entertainment, video game competitions, and contests through a website”.

Why did Microsoft renew a trademark that, in general, is not used commercially? We have seen some Evidence of an imminent change of service brandHowever, it seems unlikely to us that the Redmond House will decide to “come back” and turn Xbox Cloud Gaming back into XCloud. He probably wants Protect yourself from imitationalso because XCloud is a name still used on unofficial platforms, and is the first name above all subtitle of the service, and in general it’s not hard to find sites that still use this name originally designed to be temporary.

We remind you that Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service Included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Which allows you to play a wide range of games from the catalog through the cloud On iOS and Android mobile devices (where custom touch controls are also supported), Xbox consoles and PCs via an app or browser.

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