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Microsoft has it Has been confirmed The brand is coming soon Xbox Live It no longer exists, or at least it will not be used, and will be rebranded in the simplest and most direct way Xbox Network.

Thus, the changes made to the dashboards of Xbox beta testers seen in recent days weren’t bugs, but a subtle step by the Redmond house to redefine an important part of ServicesAs the company representative said in an official note sent to The Verge:

The Xbox Network refers to the updated Xbox Online Service at “Microsoft Services AgreementThe Xbox Live update on the Xbox Network is designed to differentiate the service from the Xbox Live Gold subscription.So he confirmed that, too Xbox Live Gold It will continue to exist as an independent product.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Live brand for its Xbox services 18 years ago. One of the most iconic faces in the Xbox universe, Larry Harib was originally known as Major Nelson from Xbox Live and later became Major Nelson from Xbox. This means that this is a significant change, at least forThe identity of the platform. Perhaps this is necessary due to the many innovations that Microsoft has introduced in recent months. This way there is less risk of confusing users. We admit, however, that we’ll be missing the Xbox Live name a bit. After all, it is part of Xbox history.

Xbox Live: il logo

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