Microsoft is testing 1080p for report –

Microsoft appears to have plans to move its broadcast servers xCloud From Xbox One architecture to Xbox Series X model. Thanks to the resulting increase in power, it appears that Microsoft will be able to increase resolution when streaming games via xCloud even 1080 pixels.

Windows Central Received some from unknown sources A screen shot It allows you to see the game resolution for an enhanced version of xCloud, among other things. Currently, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and the other games are streamed via xCloud max in 720p resolution. Now, Microsoft appears to be doing just that 1080p i test.

Stadia has been largely ignored by consumers and recent changes in first-party team management don’t bode well, but it must be remembered that for the Google platform, 1080p is the standard resolution, with 4K available for a fee. xCloud It’s convenient because it’s included in the Game Pass, however On the technical level, the gap has not narrowed with the competition.

For sure, xCloud will benefit from better performance and be able to convince more and more players to test the service, so as to take out Xbox games from local ecosystems. Now, however, It is only a report and not official information. There is nothing left to do but wait for new information.

Here’s Xbox Game Pass news for February 2021: The second batch of free games for Xbox, PC, and xCloud.

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