Microsoft Flight Simulator, at first Phil Spencer didn’t think it worked in real time –

Phil Spencer I didn’t believe it Microsoft Flight Simulator Delivered At presentthe first time he saw it in action: revealed Jorg Neumann, head of the development team at Asobo Studio who took an interest in the ambitious project for the Redmond house.

Microsoft Fligth Simulator had just been updated to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise, and it certainly was able to deliver a stunning visual impact in terms of realism, and Newman was well aware of the game’s potential when he presented it to Spencer.

“When we first pitched the demo, the initial demo I showed Phil was Seattle in 3D,” said the developer. “I flew over Microsoft’s campus, literally the building we were in, where it was like, ‘Why are you showing me a video of Seattle?'” Then I knew I had it.”

So I said, ‘It’s real time,’ and he said, ‘It’s absolutely not possible! “And we realized that we had something big on our hands. All the people in that room couldn’t calm down, and they felt something special..”

“When we launched Microsoft Flight Simulator, there were people who loved or respected planes, but what they really liked was the representation of the planet: that was the killer app, what brought in new fans.”

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