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After receiving an antitrust notice from the EU last week, now Microsoft Yes wait to receive Official documents also onUK opposition to the Activision takeoverAccording to The New York Times.

In recent days, the Redmond house has received formal objections to the acquisition by the European Union, but according to The New York Times, Microsoft now expects the British antitrust authorities to formally express opposition to the acquisition, which is already a tangible possibility given the precedent, but it remains to be understood what are the effects it will lead to.

From the beginning of operations, the United Kingdom was one of the regions that proved most resilient against capture, by conducting cm extension which was marked by significant opposition to Microsoft, clearly siding with the various positions put forward by Sony on this subject.

It seems that Microsoft’s lawyers expect to receive objections also from the Capital Markets Authority and the United Kingdom, at least according to the reports of the American publication in question, and it is likely that they are preparing a defense strategy on this issue, which has also become very severe. complex before Ignite by the Federal Trade Commission in the lands of North America.

On the other hand, Microsoft remains quite certain it can reach an agreement with the European Commission through some concessions, while the outcome of the process with the FTC remains to be seen, although there may be some openings on this as well, as the recent defeat proves. FTC v. Meta on the Wynne acquisition, in a case very similar to that of Activision and Microsoft.

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However, the UK remains a complex case, which is likely why Microsoft is prepared to sway a negative response from the local antitrust, waiting to see if the issue can be resolved in any way. In any case, this is the sloppiness reported by the New York Times at the moment and it has nothing official, so we are waiting for information.

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