Microsoft Enables Windows 10 Home Users to Purchase Extended Security Updates

Microsoft has recently made an important announcement that Windows 10 customers will now have the option to avail the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. This program will enable users to pay for an additional three years of security updates, even after the end of support. It is worth noting that Windows 10 is set to reach its end of support on October 14, 2025.

Once the end of support is reached, Microsoft will cease to provide technical assistance as well as bug fixes for Windows 10. However, the company has assured that the Windows 10 22H2 version, which is the final Windows release, will continue to receive monthly security updates until the end of support. Additionally, the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases will also receive updates beyond October 2025. For instance, the LTSC 2019 is expected to reach its Extended End Date on January 9, 2029, while the LTSC 2021 will reach its Mainstream End Date on January 12, 2027 for the IoT Enterprise edition.

As part of this transition, Microsoft has advised IT administrators to upgrade eligible systems to Windows 11 or migrate to Windows 11 in the cloud using Windows 365 for continued support. Furthermore, ESUs will be made available for Windows 10 devices that are linked to Windows 11 Cloud PCs and Azure Virtual Desktop environments. This move comes as a significant relief for users, especially considering that over 68% of all Windows systems are still running Windows 10, while only 26% have made the switch to Windows 11.

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Interestingly, Microsoft has also extended the ESU program to home users for the first time. This means that even individual users can now benefit from extended security updates, ensuring the safety and protection of their devices. However, specific details regarding the pricing of ESU subscriptions are yet to be announced by the company.

Microsoft has also promised to release more information on updates regarding the ESU program as the October 2025 end of support date approaches. With this move, the company aims to provide its customers with ample time to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the security and functionality of their Windows devices.

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