Microsoft edited a post that talked about “bringing Xbox games to Nintendo gamers” –

Brad Smith, President Microsofthe modified a message posted on Twitter, removing a sentence in which he talked about bringing i Xbox games for players Nintendo. The script was written in connection with the announcement of the agreement with Mario’s house in connection with the Call of Duty series.

If you remember, Microsoft and Nintendo signed a contract obliging the Redmond house to bring i Call of duty on Nintendo platforms for ten years. Obviously if the Activision Blizzard acquisition is successful. Smith’s original script praised the idea of ​​bringing Xbox games to Nintendo consoles, with an obvious reference to the Activision series. Obviously, many have interpreted it in another way.

We read new message By Brad Smith:

This was original messageunderlining the removed part:

The original message

What could this change indicate? Maybe it was just made for Avoid misunderstanding, as many are starting to wonder if other Xbox games will also be coming to Nintendo consoles, such as Starfield or Fable. In short, it seems that we are facing a simple connection error and nothing more.

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