Microsoft and Activision, the European Antitrust Association to hold Sony and Nintendo meetings in connection with the acquisition –

L ‘European Antitrust summoned my rival Microsoftso basically Sony and Nintendoto hear their opinion about the acquisition Activision Blizzard and its potential effects.

A few days ago, it emerged that the English antitrust investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but it also appears on the level European Commission Something is moving, and the scope of this process cannot be considered otherwise.

According to a report published by Politico, the antitrust regulator has expressed concerns about possible restrictions on access to franchises such as Call of duty On platforms other than Xbox once the acquisition process is completed.

That’s not all: the organizer also wanted to clarify the possible possibility of this Xbox Game Pass Landings on rival platforms, an issue that has already been addressed in the past by the same house in Redmond, has been met with disapproval by both Sony and Nintendo.

In short, it appears that there may still be some pitfalls along the path of this exciting and complex process, while it is said that the Federal Trade Commission may approve the acquisition in August.

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