Microsoft and Activision, the British Finance Minister criticize the Capital Markets Authority

Jeremy Hunt, British Finance Ministermoved one Criticism of the Capital Markets Authority after blockingMicrosoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzardwhich as we know did not find support in the European Commission, which instead approved the operation.

“One of the reasons companies like Microsoft and Google want to invest in the UK is because we have Independent regulatorsWhich politicians don’t control,” Hunt explained at a conference.

“I would never dream of changing this situation, but I think it is important that antitrust in the UK understand that Extensive responsibilities compared to the country’s economic growth.

Obviously Hunt’s reference to lyrics Microsoft President Brad Smithwho said that he was deeply disappointed with the United Kingdom after the decision to prevent the acquisition of English lands.

The risk, feared by many, is that if the FTC finally approves the process as well, the Redmond house could end the process by deciding to exclude the UK from distribution of Activision Blizzard products: a kind of Brexit being applied to video games.

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