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“Michael Massey returns to Australia to dedicate himself to his family and new career challenges”

The Australian coach was already on the fringes of the Federation, mired in controversy over managing the last World Championship final.

He was sacked and replaced by the married couple Nils Wittich, Eduardo Freitas, Former Formula One racing director Michael Massey The FIA ​​has officially left. This was announced in an official press release issued by the FIA ​​itself. end of the road, The end of his career at the top of motorsports Lamassi, who entered the control room three years ago, to replace the historical director Charlie Whitingdied suddenly on the eve of the Australian Grand Prix, the debut of the 2019 World Championships.

The FIA ​​confirms that Michael Massey has decided to leave the FIA ​​and Moving to Australia To be closer to his family And dedicate yourself to new professional challengesAfter serving as Formula 1 racing director and safety delegate for three years following the sudden disappearance of Charlie Whiting, Executing the assigned tasks with professionalism and dedication. The FIA ​​thanks him for his commitment and wishes him all the best for his future.”

Words on a large scale … of conditions for the Australian director, Marginalized due to the controversy surrounding his managementEspecially last season At the very wet Belgian Grand Prix And then – under maximum pressure – on schedule for a new challenge between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in his world championship debut. In Saudi Arabia and then against Abu DhabiWith the world title moving from the seven-time Mercedes champion to the Dutch Red Bull driver within minutes.

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