Mexico wants to prevent Messi from entering the country.

Before debuting in Qatar 2022 Lionel Messi He expected that the first edition of the World Cup in the Middle East would be the fourth and last in his career. The advertisement that assigned the “mission” fromArgentina To conquer the third world title in its history which certainly did not please Pulce fans, who would never see their favorite in action in World Cup 2026 whose final phase will take place between Canada and Mexico And the United State.

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Argentina, rejoicing in training: Scaloni “hits” his team

Messi and the Mexico shirt: the controversy opens again

It is difficult today to think of second thoughts, in light of the fact that the first edition of the World Cup distributed in three different countries will witness Messi to have 39 years old. In this case, however, Leo would risk finding a very uncomfortable environment, if the controversy that followed the alleged claim were true. football Given by the number 10 of Choose on the shirt Tricolor By the end of the live match on November 26, it is valid for the second day of the group stage.

“Messi is persona non grata in Mexico”

After the video of Messi in the dressing roomArgentinawhen he wore a Mexican shirt while taking off his shoes, unleashed a reaction so harsh in Mexico City and its surroundings that even the government got involved, which through questioning by Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno He demanded that Messi be banned from entering Mexico as “persona non grata”:Parliament requests the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – reads the official request – To make a declaration declaring him persona non grata within the territory of the United Mexican States of Argentine and Spanish national Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, due to his apparent contempt and disrespect for Mexico during the FIFA World Cup on Saturday, November 26. , 2022“.

Messi makes Canelo Alvarez and Aguero fight

The boxer was one of the most aggressive Mexicans after the video was released Canelo Alvarezwho even used threatening tones on Twitter (“Messi calls God what you find), then also becoming the protagonist of a long-distance battle with Sergio Aguerowho defended the flea’s behavior. The issue seems to be back after Canelo’s apology (“I got carried away with my passion and love for my country and made inappropriate comments for which I want to apologize to Messi and the people of Argentina.), but politics reignited the tone…

Lady Macy's Between the Fountains and Game of Thrones

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Lady Macy’s Between the Fountains and Game of Thrones

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