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He thought he had done nothing wrong using it Drone, weighing just 570 grams and just over a can of beer, to capture stunning aerial photos of Piazza Duomo in Milan. Instead, as soon as the plane flew from the churchyard of the cathedral, a brigade from the Duomo operations unit approached it, which A maximum fine of 33,000 euros (In addition to booking small planes). It’s the adventure that happened on Tuesday for 41 years old mexican tourist, the subject of punishment defining bloodletting seems even reductive. his fault? Violation of the Air Navigation Law. Indeed, Italian law considers drones weighing more than 300 grams to be aircraft in all respects, and therefore those who control them remotely are required to have them. Appropriate licenses. Moreover, in the given case, the device has been moved inAn area marked as “critical”Therefore, activities of this nature are constantly prohibited. So it is easy to see how the combination of these factors led to such a high cost.

No prohibition sign

At first one might think that the tourist is undoubtedly on the wrong side. The truth is that In the area there was not a single sign indicating the ban in force. Neither in Italian nor in other languages. Not surprisingly, the guy was actually the third (unaware) foreigner of the year to be fined for this: the first was a Chinese tourist, then came the role of the young American (who was, however, recording in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele). Of course, the old principle according to which “legislative ignorance does notn excusat remains a cornerstone, but the lack of anti-drone indications in one of the most famous regions of Italy, in favor of those coming from countries where the practice is less regulated, appears to be Forgetting anything but the marginal. That’s what he believes too Andrea Lowe, the Mexican lawyer turned to him to confirm his reasons: “It is difficult for tourists to be familiar with EASA flight rules, and therefore an adequate information campaign would be advisable, including by putting up multilingual signs,” he said. Moreover, in his opinionThe punishment seems disproportionate It refers to a small drone weighing about 500 grams that is used as a means of shooting by amateurs.”

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Milan, a drone in the cathedral square: the Mexican tourist was fined 33,000 euros

Mavic Air 2

More specifically, the main part of the story is the Mavic Air 2 produced by the Chinese DJ. Quadcopter collects small size – 180 x 97 x 84 mm when closed, 183 x 253 x 77 mm when open – with respectable performance. Equipped with a flight range of about 30 minutes and a top speed of 68 kilometers per hour, it has 48 MP sensor Capable of capturing RAW format photos and movie recording in 4K at up to 60fps or in slow motion in FullHD at 240fps. Cost of the basic version: €849. more details on this link Dedicated.

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