Meteor in the sky over the UK (and Italy): what it is and why it is visible. Video

a meteor She is seen crossing Monday night sky in the UK. the met officeThe National Meteorological Authority confirmed the sighting of celestial bodies and called on citizens to do so Share meteor photos on social networks: Dozens of people answered the call, posting videos of what they were able to capture. The phenomenon was evident in much of the UK.

What is a meteorite?

Meteor is a general term that includes anything A celestial body passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. How do Treccani ReportsThese are solid bodies that come from the interplanetary spaces as they orbit the sun. These celestial bodies, when their orbits intersect with Earth’s orbit, penetrate intoEarth’s atmosphere and pass through itcompletely consumed if it is of medium size, or reaches the Earth if it is large (meteorites) or small (micrometeorites).

Shooting stars

And Trikani explains that the impact of these celestial bodies with the particles of atmospheric gases causes heating, melting and ablation of particles and atoms on the surface of the meteorite material, until complete evaporation. These phenomena cause excitation and ionization in the gases themselves, which is manifested with light tracks (in the case of a meteor) and radar echoes. Only on the day of the first Epiphany Meteor seen in the sky of northern Italy.

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