Metaverse shopping: those who tend to buy

Metaverse shopping: 46% of consumers tend to buy
Metaverse shopping: 46% of consumers tend to buy
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L ‘E-Commerce In the metaverse Attracts half of consumers. But a quarter of them do not know what NFTs are.

Below is the key data highlighted by the BigCommerce survey on new trends in the world of e-commerce and the new buying habits of consumers.

Shopping in the Metaverse: The Tendency to Buy Divides the Consumer World

From the survey, entitled “BigCommerce’s Global Consumer Report: Current and Future Shopping Trends”, it is clear that metaverseThe Cryptocurrency The NFTs are ready to renew the world of commerce. However, personalized shopping experiences and incentives remain the main trends.

The Shopping in Metaverse The consumers are divided equally: Almost half of them are inclined (46%) And just over half did not (52%). But among those who express a penchant for e-commerce in the Metaverse, 51% are interested in purchasing virtual and physical goods.

Unlike the Metaverse, most consumers say they don’t know very well denied. until the 26% say they don’t even know what they are.

Among the e-commerce payment methods, 5% of respondents use cryptocurrencies, mostly in the United States and Italy.

Other trends in e-commerce

The BigCommerce survey also highlights other emerging trends in the e-commerce world and the new buying habits of consumers. Here is an overview.

In the world of Retail 4.0, speed is everything: how do you keep up?

55% of consumers admit it Online shopping at least once a week. Fashion and clothes are the most attractive categories (80%). Watching closely electronics (56%) entertainment (55%).

Payment option Buy Now Pay Later It is gaining popularity: when available, 5% of respondents in Italy use it.

Purchasing decisions are influenced by Personalization: Consumers are willing to Sharing personal information (such as email, name, or gender) To receive a tailored shopping experience.

In Italy, 38% of respondents tend to share their data according to the information requested. 29% say it depends on the brand and 23% are not generally available.

Moreover, the values ​​that consumers care about most areHonesty and Transparencybut in second place is Ensuring fair wages and employee benefits.

Most consumers (84%) put Sustainability Among the important values ​​to consider when making a purchase decision.

Lisa Egerton, BigCommerce’s chief marketing officer, commented, “These findings show that technological advances are reshaping the shopper’s journey and offering brands new and better ways to engage their customers.”

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