metaverse, NFT, and blockchain in CEO Matsuda’s year-end speech –

the President D Square Enix, Yusuke Matsuda, published his traditional book year end speechwhich summarizes the main concepts that emerged during 2021 and the prospects for 2022 for the publisher, and there is a remarkable insistence on metaverso, NFT, blockchain, cloud And artificial intelligence in the document.

After a dense video game more dedicated to users, more communication infection The company shifts focus to elements more closely related to Business, showing a strong interest in some of the issues that are getting a lot of discussion these days, such as NFT and alternative monetization systems.

In the speech, Matsuda highlights how most gamers have expressed a certain aversion to NFTs, but also how they are likely to become a familiar concept in the gaming scene and beyond. Much attention has also been paid to the idea of ​​the metaverse, to the point that 2021 was considered the “first year of the Metaverse,” according to Matsuda.

Square Enix, is not just a traditional video game of the future

The Square Enix chief sees a connection between the emergence of this concept and technological advances associated with extended reality, cloud solutions, and 5G. If 2021 marks the emergence of this idea, 2022 according to Matsuda will mark the “transition into action” of the metaverse, which should also have a huge impact on the video game business and Square Enix in particular.

The Square Enix chief notes that a predatory and inaccurate approach to NFTs is also prevalent, but considers the system future-proof, and once corrected, is expected to spread significantly and uniformly: “I expect to see NFT has become as familiar as a physical asset”, Matsuda reported, which could consolidate as early as 2022.

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For Square Enix, the company will adapt to this trend by setting in Artificial intelligenceCloud-based gaming and blockchain are some of the major themes to invest in in the near future. In terms of artificial intelligence and cloud, the company has already been moving for some time, and also with the creation of the Square Enix AI & ARTS Alchemy Co. division. Blockchain-based games It is a matter of building systems that sustain themselves independently from an economic point of view. Matsuda understands that those looking for a traditional form of entertainment are not interested in these solutions, but the company is aiming for a very diverse audience with these new forms of video games.

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