metaverse changes everything, you won’t believe it

The metaverse is starting to bear fruit, or at least that’s what most people hope for. The world of work can be turned upside down forever, with some unbelievable effects. Here’s what could happen in the next few years

We are only talking about metaverse In the past few years. Especially since Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of the giant from Facebook in dead. A clear reference to virtual reality, which will become the true core of the company and aims to mark a decisive turning point in everyone’s life.

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The world of work is destined to change forever with Metaverse (Adobe Stock)

In addition to entertainment and amusement, the metaverse can also be a fundamental crossroads of what matters world of work. It’s still too early to say definitively, but the predictions are for a future that will be very different from what we’re seeing today. With some potential effects and sometimes unimaginable reference into a whole new reality.

Metaverse and Action, Here’s How It Could Change Forever

metaverse 20220928 1
Data from a recent survey (Adobe Stock)

It was a recent report from Regus that provided a clearer picture of what companies expect from the metaverse when it comes to the world of work. to be interviewed 2,258 employees and company CEOs, in order to assess their views on this whole new world. According to what has emerged, two-thirds of the total believe that the metaverse will be a suitable platform for interaction for the professions. The same number believes that it will be able to operate on the new Internet already in the next few years. But not only that, because more than 50% of employees and business leaders already believe that hybrid work It directs common thinking towards moving into the metaverse.

In particular, it is believed that the metaverse could represent a turning point for video conferencing, between those who believe there will be improvements from a communication standpoint and those who focus instead on training. And over the years, the situation will improve, for example through technical and mechanical activities and real interventions in infrastructures. The first steps in this direction have already been seen, Regus explained. Last December, a The headquarters of PricewaterhouseCoopers In Hong Kong, he acquired land within the virtual world The Sandbow. The latter will be leveraged to create an advisory center on Web 3.0. “With the aim of developing a new generation of professional services, including accounting and taxationclearer company.

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