Metal Gear Solid Remake is present and is exclusive to PS5, inside Silent Hill –

Gear solid metal print It exists and is PS5 exclusivelyThis is what alleged insider KatharsisT on ResetEra has confirmed with certainty, but not only: there could be further reproductions of the various chapters of the series under development in Blue dot, In addition to confirming once again that Silent Hill is present and under development at Sony Japan Studio.

That’s why we don’t know how to take KatharsisT’s statements, to say the truth: She isFrom the inside On confirmation of whom all rumors that have existed so far around the elusive are built the silent Hill For the PS5, it is in production at Sony Japan Studio, a game that has never been announced yet despite being expected every time in various official presentation events from Sony.

However, the fact remains that he has the confidence of the ResetEra forum moderators in the fact that they can already learn some facts, even if everything remains at the alleged level. In any case, the new information released in the past few hours is particularly interesting and we report it, even if there is no guarantee that it is correct.

Relevant insiders have confirmed once again that Silent Hill is present and under development at Sony’s Japan Studio, although the latter appears to be having a bit of a difficulty given the major exits we’ve seen in recent months.

Not only that: there will obviously also be a remake of Metal Gear Solid (or maybe more than one, as the combination appears to be leaking) from BluePoint Games, as well as a PS5 exclusive. Moreover, the insider informed that Sony will permanently acquire BluePoint Games In the coming future.

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Take it all as just uncontrollable rumors right now, of course, but it’s still a very fun conversation, especially since it’s not the first time we’ve talked about a potential Metal Gear Solid Remake on the PS5.

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