Meta Quest, fitness features and heart rate monitoring support coming soon

Mita is about to submit New features in Meta QuestDesigned to make headphones more suitable for home sports. The first is Health Connect integrationbut the most interesting for fitness enthusiasts in virtual reality is the new one The ability to pair bluetooth heart rate monitorsso you can view your training stats in real time.

Health Connect is Google’s health API, which Allows Android users to share health and fitness data between multiple applications and consolidate that information in one place. The integration actually allows you to connect Quest Move VR workouts to Google Fit without having to do anything, thus automatically finding available data. Meta made a similar integration with Apple Health available to iOS users last year.

The novelty goes very well with the ability to also collect heart rate data from a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. This became a real-time stat that could be viewed via Meta Quest Move, Meta spokesperson Travis Isaman recalls.

“When a compatible heart rate monitor is paired with a Meta Quest Move, a heart rate overlay will appear on any game or app in VR. The developer does not need to integrate”

Compatible heart rate monitors include the Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10 chest straps, but Isaman doesn’t rule out that other Bluetooth heart rate monitors, including smartwatches, are also supported and work with the Meta Quest. The Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10 are known to simply work, so other devices may now prove compatible, but there’s no listing available at this time. Meta shared the news but did not provide timelines And other useful information so for now we have to settle what is being reported.

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