Messina is the world chess capital even today in Cabo Peloro

Messina is confirmed as the world chess capital. The XV International Chess Festival is coming to an end. City of Messina – Porta della Sicilia ”, organized by the Kodokan Amateur Sports Association with the auspices of the municipality. This event, one of the most important at the national and European level, has been taking place since January 2 At Hotel Capo Peloro in Torre Farowith three rooms available for 132 chess witches, who arrived in the strait, from 17 countries – Poland, Malta, Holland, Germany, France, Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia, India, South Africa, USA, Argentina, Chile – from 4 continents.
A record set in previous editions that required a great organizational effort for months. Yesterday was the decisive day For athletes who will compete with kings, queens, bishops and rooks, moving pawns with mathematical precision in view of the last round today. The tournament was opened by the mayor Federico BasileThe international competition kicked off on Monday afternoon, which bore the greetings of the city and a symbolic double move on the chessboard. Sports advisor Massimo was also invited fennel.
Basile told everyone: “Let’s start the new year well – with an international chess tournament. A sporting event that the Italian Chess Federation with the Sicilian Chess Committee considers one of the most important national events and beyond. For our city it also becomes a tourist event ».
In fact, between one match and another, players spend their free time as tourists by participating in three expeditions on January 4, 6 and 7, which are organized by the Kodokan Association with its president. Joseph Ianello And the honorary president Sylvana Jacob The two great samurai of the festival, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, VisitMe and Puleo Viaggi. About two hundred people flock to lead a tour of the monuments and beauties of Messina. From the Cathedral with the Astronomical Clock and the Piazza, the Catalan Church, the Fountain of Neptune, the Quattro Fontane, the Contemporary Museum of the Horcinos Orca Park with interactive aquarium, the Ganzieri lakes and the whole of Capo Peloro, Montalto, the mausoleum of Christ the King, the pedestrian area of ​​Piazza Cairoli, Viale San Martino, Via I Settembre , to enjoy the city and why not fall in love with it and maybe come back.

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