Messaggero Veneto: Cioffi May Not Be Just Aspirin

Cioffi It has been shown with results to constitute an effective treatment and must be recognized. the Veneto messenger However, it also raises questions about the immediate future: “From the point of view of the analysis, it must be emphasized that two matches cannot change the prognosis of a team that has always shown, over the past few years, that it is unable to express a certain continuity of performance. Udinese who travels ‘In tears’, able to produce spinning wheels and swap them with avoidable (and frequent) falls is a classic in Juventus and not only in the last management, Guti’s, but even in the former. Perhaps the catalytic key proposed by Cioffi is new, considering that periods of The downturn on a personal level is in Juventus’ DNA.”

So we must continue like this, both with Salernitana and in the more complex commitments of January. Regarding this, it will be important to check the compression of the dressing room towards his coach. Deulofeu’s words, which revealed how Cioffi managed to regain motivation for the team, are already a point in the coach’s favour. But in the end, facts always matter.

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