Merkel: European final in London? UEFA is responsible

LONDON – “Great Britain is a different risk zone for the virus. Everyone who arrives from there has to stay 14 days in quarantine and the exceptions are very few. I think, actually I don’t think, I hope UEFA will act responsibly. I don’t think there were stadiums full” . he said that Angela Merkel, In response to a question at a press conference in Berlin about whether he feels responsible for the European Football Association (UEFA) to allow the semi-finals and final of the European Championship in Great Britain.

The UK “cannot wait” to host “some great semi-finals and a fantastic final” for the European Football Championship at Wembley Stadium in London and “do so in a safe and prudent manner”. Said this day by a spokesperson Downing Street He answers for the first time officially on behalf of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson To the doubts raised yesterday in this matter by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who suggested the opportunity to move the final stage of this sporting event given the recovery of Covid infections fueled by the (formerly Indian) delta variant in the kingdom.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock had already intervened. “The final of the European Championship will be played at Wembley,” he said in response to a question from Sky News about Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s comments about the possibility of playing. The match is in a country where the virus infection rate is lower.
“I was at Wembley on Friday, it was great to hear the fans cheering again, we have a great position and I hope England, Scotland and Wales will move forward,” he said again.

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Mario Draghi’s words Mario Draghi, in Cesarini at the joint press conference with Angela Merkel, yesterday raised a topic that could spark debate not only for UEFA – which for the time being rules out this hypothesis – but also for European advisers. Because this European final is not just a question for epidemiologists. It is a political issue that could see EU and UK opposition in a post-Brexit phase that has not exhausted its repercussions. To a direct question from a German journalist about the hypothesis of moving the final from Wembley to Olympique and with Merkel at his side, Draghi – who was visiting Berlin for dinner with the chancellor – answered clearly: “Yes, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the European final is not held in countries where the infection is increasing”her words. Merkel did not contradict him. Indeed, throughout the entire press conference he joked about the football divisions between Italy and Germany. He stressed that the only relevant companies between the two governments.

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