Mercedes Vision Eqxx, standard autonomy and efficiency

Concept opens 2022 for Casa della Stella and reveals its ultra-efficient electric future, with autonomy never seen before

There is great anticipation for the Mercedes Vision Eqxx Concept, which will open in 2022 for the Star House, and offers the latest in electric technology, with unparalleled efficiency and technological innovations set to roll over on production Mercedes EQs. The debut has been announced on January 3, 2022, which coincides with the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: Mercedes will unveil the all-electric Vision Eqxx, at its digital world premiere on its online media platform.

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The future of the Stella remains shrouded in mystery surrounding the four-seater coupe with electric drive. The Vision Eqxx concept, which will be unveiled on January 3, 2022 at 6.00 pm, at the digital world premiere, will be a center of technology and innovation, with a range of more than 1,000 km. Factory on wheels with the latest zero emission technology, with the highest efficiency ever, in terms of consumption and improved aerodynamics. This is also thanks to the use of ultra-light, sustainable materials and advanced engineering processes. The “software-defined” project, as defined by Mercedes, means that the software component is an element of excellence that the brand strongly refers to. Technological innovations will concern batteries with very high energy density and the engine developed by F1 engineering. The research prototype, completed in record time, was identified by the German company itself as the most efficient car the brand has ever made, a statement that underscores not only the innovative strength of the brand, but also its stated goal of “pioneering in Electricity” and “Lead in Automotive Programs”.

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Four extremely pneumatic doors

A teaser predicts the silhouette of the Mercedes Vision Eqxx, revealing the aerodynamics, which will likely break the 0.20 Cx threshold. As predicted by Markus Schäfer, Daimler board member responsible for research and Coo for Mercedes Benz Car, the Eqxx will be distinguished precisely for its aerodynamic characteristics, with a Cx lower than that of the flagship electric Eqs. In recent months, the Vision Eqxx concept was introduced as the first Mercedes model capable of exceeding 1,000 km of driving range. In the teaser, the concept is referred to as an electric car capable of going, without recharging, from Stuttgart to Nice, cities far away depending on the roads between 850 and 950 kilometres. As for the model, in fact, we are talking about a consumption of less than 9 kW per 100 km, which could allow record autonomy at constant speeds on the highway. “We’ve worked for some time – board member Markus Schaefer – explained our strategic ambition to be a leader in zero-emissions driving into a car,” explained board member Markus Schaeffer. Vision Eqxx is part of a broad technology program developed by the House of the Star to overcome technological barriers, and take energy efficiency to new levels. And if there is no talk yet about the performance of the Vision Eqxx, then the prerequisites for a model that would satisfy many, given that the project is being pursued by the Mercedes Amo High Performance Powertrains team, which follows the development of Formula 1 engines.

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