Mercedes, new report accuses fraud in polluting emissions

It was summer 2018 when Mercedes had to recall nearly 800,000 cars (mainly GLC and Class C) in Europe forIllegal use of five emission modifiers (defeat device) in diesel engines, after a similar recall occurred the year before with the Vito truck. Last year, the Stuttgart house had to pay a little less $3 billion to close civil and environmental lawsuits related to emissions of about 250,000 vehicles Diesel engines sold in the United States.

Mercedes, another diesel portal on the horizon? In the E-class viewfinder.

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OPS I’ve done it again In its latest report, the German Environmental Society German environmental aid I checked The new E-Class Euro6d has been approved, finding eight devices to artificially reduce polluting emissions, particularly those related to nitrogen oxides. The model under analysis is the Mercedes E-Class 350d with a OM642 . engine: Six devices connected to the catalytic converter of the car, and two more devices connected to the exhaust gas recirculation system.

MENO ADBLUE IN MARCIA According to DUH test results, NOx emissions while driving can be up to five times higher than the legal limit. Expert Felix Domke, hired by the American law firm Melberg, which funded the report, best explains:One of the car’s devices Significantly reduces the amount of AdBlue that is injected when the vehicle is in motion, in Sport modeAdBlue is an additive used in the latest diesel engines to eliminate nitrogen oxides emitted within the catalyst.

Mercedes, another diesel portal on the horizon?Mercedes, another diesel portal on the horizon?

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quiet mercedes German automobile company KBA, in Interview He claims to be aware of these devices, but Don’t consider it illegal at all. As for Mercedes, Its position does not change compared to 2018: “In our vision, These devices are not considered illegal Within the complex dynamics of modern automobile emissions controlMercedes advertising spokesman said Fitness Trainer.

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