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The first exposed images of the new generation Mercedes C Class, The German sedan that is supposed to make an official debut on February 23 during an online event. On the Facebook page Automobolist And on Twitter’s personal profile Cars Some shots have emerged that actually anticipate the world premiere and underline the design that would align the new C-Class with the latest German brand models. Details that have already been confirmed by The latest teaser It was released by Mercedes as the date for the unveiling of the new model was announced online.

Mercedes C-Class, new teaser in light of the debut

Thanks to the use of the new Modular Rear Architecture (MRA) platform, the new generation Mercedes C-Class will offer the all-electric range it must offer in addition to the 48-volt lightweight hybrid. Una varante plug-in hybrid Able to guarantee complete and very important electrical autonomy. The first rumors speak of even 100 kilometers. Confirmed presence More performance versions signed AMG Although it is possible that the Star V8 could be replaced by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine with at least 500 hp of total power.

In the screenshots released online, it is also possible to look at interiors with an entry The new My Mbux infotainment system With a vertical OLED display, made its debut by the new S-Class, a 3D digital dashboard with augmented reality will be added in the head-up display. It is also possible to say goodbye to the touchpad, by interacting with the multimedia system that will only happen through the touch screen. A significant upgrade in safety and driving assistance systems also needs to be made, with the introduction of a new system Drive Pilot technology. Thanks to the use of the latest sensors and autonomous driving systems, developed in cooperation with LG, the new Mercedes C-Class should allow you to take your hands off the steering wheel even at speeds over 120 km / h over long distances. All that remains is to wait until January 23 to find out all the details about the new Mercedes C-Class.

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