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The first track tests of the new Mercedes-AMG project did not start on the right foot. To be exact, it would be more correct to say so They haven’t really startedDuring the trip that drove the German company’s high-performance supercar on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the car scored Mechanical failure This forced the driver to stop at the edge of the road, near a roundabout. The Project One adventure couldn’t start any worse.

Hamilton: “Mercedes AMG is a dream car for Formula 1 drivers”

Direct testimony to what happened comes directly from the spy photos he posted Carscopes, Which depicts a prototype of the German supercar wearing a camouflage livery Parked at the side of the road About two kilometers from the new AMG department test center. It is not clear what kind of failure afflicted Mercedes’ first high-performance hybrid car, what is certain is that it was a problem that prevented it from taking its first tests on the circuit. The pictures allow us at least to get a deeper look at the car’s design, outside and inside: without a doubt Formula One rectangular steering wheel Which will allow the driver to live a real experience as a champion in motorsport.

Mercedes AMG E-Performance, F1 Electrification

An immediate change of gear will be required for the new Mercedes-AMG project, which has won approval from F1 World Champion Multiplayer. Lewis Hamilton. To drive the supercar, as mentioned, a hybrid powertrain will be considered, which will be able to release a total power in excess of 1000 hp: all thanks to the 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine, which will be combined with four powerful electric motors thanks to which the new Project One will be able to achieve one The maximum speed is 350 km / h. Soon the German carmaker will be back in the reins with new tests on the track, hoping that the result will be different this time.

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